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Brad Joe

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Brad is a craftsman and a chemist, whose approach to hair design blends technical acumen with artistic vision. Trained at Aveda Institute, Brad’s unorthodox path to hair art has given him a broad perspective and a wide skill set. At ten, Brad was giving straight-razor shaves, cleaning up necks and lowering ears in his Uncle’s Indiana barbershop, and he still enjoys giving a man the right cut.


Before making his home in Austin, Brad spent two decades in New York working in design. The diversity of the city shaped his aesthetic: beauty as highly individual, glory in difference. Brad understands that each subject is telling a story about her or himself, and knows how to customize each service accordingly. For Brad, aesthetic expression is an essential part of being human.


Brad specializes in color and color correction and in hair of all textures, and loves helping curly girls wear their hair naturally.  He can tailor gorgeous long layers or shape tight curls to achieve each client’s desired look. He is invested in sharing the creative experience with his guests, so that each visit is a collaborative project.

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