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Hand-tied weft hair extensions require no tape, glue or heat for application.  These are a collection of pieces that have been pre-cut and sewn by hand to create the smallest weft-size possible. Pieces SHOULD NOT be cut on your own as they will unravel and become unusable. Hand-tied wefts can be used to add fullness and length, all while blending SEAMLESSLY to your natural hair and texture.

What Makes Hand Tied Wefts Special?

The hand tied hair extensions method has been around for a while. They may seem new but it’s just getting trendy. A big reason for their lack of popularity is how difficult they are to install. While there are some pros to this method, there are certainly some cons. Let’s go over why hand tied wefts exist, what the benefits are, and what to watch out for.

First, why do these exist? We get along with the trandtional beaded weft method just fine! Totally. And, really, the beaded weft method is likely still best for you. Hand tied wefts are bound by hand and thin by design. Thin wefts are perfect for people with fine hair who want to avoid the heat or glue of tape-ins. Hand tied wefts, like tape-ins, lay flat without bulk. They can be more comfortable to wear and touch.

So what’s the downside? The installation. They are not only difficult and time-consuming to install, but the wefts can’t be cut. If you attempt to cut them, the thin wefts quickly shed and become worthless.

Hand-Tied vs Beaded Wefts Installation

Both hand-tied and beaded wefts have the benefit of voluminous hair that looks and feels natural without need for heat and glue in the installation process. Both installations are time intensive and require an experienced stylist. Hand tied wefts, however, require additional consideration.

Extension Method we offerd:

- Beaded Weft Method
Beaded wefts are stronger and have versatility. Unlike hand tied, you can cut beaded wefts. Often, you need smaller pieces to fill sections of your head where there is less hair. Think sides and the lower back of your head. With traditional machined beaded wefts, this is easy. For installation, beaded wefts are faster and have more options.

- i-Tip Method 
Hairlocs is a great, safe, hair extension method for ALL HAIR TYPES that does not use glue, heat, chemicals, sewing or braiding. It uses a small patented cylinder to crimp the extensions into the natural hair. Everything is reusable and the hair will last over a year with maintenance every 4-6 weeks.This “time tested” method insures you with quality “100% full cuticle” human hair from Spain, Russia and Italy. Prices may vary and are based on consultation only.

- Tape Ins Method
Clients will get 6 to 8 weeks of wear from each application and the hair may be reapplied up to 3 times. Tape-in's are applied using a medical grade adhesive that is safe and secure. Your hair is folded inside a panel and tape secures it in place. Prices may vary and are based on consultation only.

Call us today to book your consultation and get matched with the hair extensions that are right for you.


How many wefts should I get for Hand-tied Extensions?
Most people get 2 rows with a mini row, and each row has 2-3 wefts.  Though, this all depends on your natural hair and how thick it is already. The rows and wefts vary per person.

How long do Hand-tied extensions last?
You will need to get your extensions moved up every 6-8-ish weeks, depending on your natural growth. When you go in for the second time, you will get the rows moved up rather than purchasing new hair each time!.

How much does it cost?
This depends on your hair goals, natural hair, how many rows you get, how much hair is used, the color you want, the length you want, and the technique you choose etc. We recommend you book a free consultation to get an exact quote and help figure out which technique is best for you. Know that hand-tieds are getting trendier lately and Habit Salon made their own brand and marketed them on Instagram so this technique is in high demand now with very few stylists being certified in it. They are still a niche product, so being a niche product, expect to pay premium prices.
We can go on and on about how you need to find quality hair too. The fact is, there are too many brands out there promoting true remy human hair when 90% of it isn’t. We ONLY use the Bombshell brand which is of the highest quality.
Spoiler alert, you cannot buy 120 grams of remy human hair with the cuticle intact for less than $300 in 2019. Most hair $150-250, is put through a silicone bath to simulate a cuticle, and tangles and mattes after a month. We have scoured the earth to find a brand we believe in.
Hand tied wefts cost more than other methods. If a 100 grams cost around $300 for traditional beaded wefts, expect to pay $400 or more for hand-tieds. And this is just for the hair, not for installation. 

Can you work out/pull your hair up with Hand-tied extensions?
Yes! You can pull your hair into a bun, ponytail, braids, etc all the time! The way they get tied into your natural hair line makes it to where you can’t see the extensions in a pony or a bun! 

Do extensions damage your hair?
When you do anything unnatural to your hair, it will damage it over time. We use the LEAST damaging techniques for hair extensions, and have seen very little damage if taken care of properly. Continue to take your vitamins and use great products to keep your hair in great shape!


What products do you recommend using while having extensions? 
Here are our current favorites:

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