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Achieving the style and color that best suits your face and skin tone isn’t easy. We know it’s a constant struggle to find the salon that can meet your needs. At Red Stella Salon, our team of professional hairstylists and colorists offer remarkable and personal styles when it comes to haircuts in Austin. With strong attention to the form, function, and health of the hair, we are your partners for sophistication and elegance.

Every hair appointment at Red Stella starts with a free consultation with our stylist. We value your input more than anything else, so don’t hesitate to tell us what you want to achieve for your hair. This is the perfect time to share your inspirations and to let us assist you in creating the perfect look for you.

Team Stella is always striving for excellence. Our highly trained, highly creative staff travels the country to stay ahead of the current trends, bringing home fashion influences from London, Paris, and New York. Because of this unparalleled dedication, we offer our customers signature haircut styles in Austin that range from inspiring and edgy to timeless and chic.

What better way to tell people about your personality than a haircut, style, and color? Here at Red Stella Salon, our hairstylists and colorists value your uniqueness. We understand that you want to look in-style and trendy, but still retain your individuality. Our stylists create hairstyles that magnify your uniqueness and personality, and still reflect today’s modern trends. From unusual hair colors to hair extensions, you will never go wrong with our products and styling and haircut services in Austin.



Hair cuts - from $58

Short Hair cuts - from $46

Shampoo Blow-dry - from $40

Iron Work - $20

Special Occasion Styling - from $80

Red Stella Hair Salon Austin TX

Hairlocs is the safest hair extension method for ALL HAIR TYPES that does not use glue, heat, chemicals, sewing or braiding. This “time tested” method insures you with quality “100% full cuticle” human hair from Spain, Russia and Italy. Prices may vary and are based on consultation only.

Hairlocs Hair Extensions

Clients will get 8 to 10 weeks of wear from each application and the hair may be reapplied up to 3 times. Prices may vary and are based on consultation only.

Hot Heads Hair Extensions


Red Stella hair salon extensions


Single Process Color - from $79

Spill (12-14 packets) - from $49

Partial Highlight - from $114

Full Highlight - from $138

Bleach - from $104

Partial Balayage / Ombre - from $135

Full Balayage / Ombre - from $155

Red Stella hair salon hair coloring


Experience instant hair transformation with a tailor-made treatment just for you. With over 25 combinations possible, let us help you find your customised treatment for your hair needs.

System Professional Infusion - $35

System Professional Emulsion - $35

System Professional Liquid hair - $78

Liquid Hair add on - $48

System Professional Masque - $10

System Professional Microscope Analysis - FREE


Permanent - from $95

Relaxer - from $100

Keratin / Brazilian Blowout - from $300

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Do you and your girlfriends want learn how to blow-dry and curl your own hair like a pro? Then a party at the salon is just the thing for you! Enjoy beverages and finger food, receive a heat protectant styling product, and a personalized hair styling class. We will walk you through step-by-step techniques on yourself, so that you can learn how to recreate that salon look everyday!

Cost per-person is $80. (5 person minimum)

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