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Failure to read or follow this guide may result in a shorter lifespan of yourhair extensions.

The lifespan of your hair extensions will depend on the aftercare - with no care they will last 2-4 months.

With proper care they will last 9-12+ months.

With all hair extensions there is never a definitive lifespan on any type of hair extensions due to them being a consumable product. Human hairextensions are made from Remy human hair that is sourced ethically tocreate our hair extensions. Each pack of hair will never be 100% identicalto each other and the lifespan of the hair will vary depending on color and

how it is maintained.

We do not recommend any color on hair extensions. Although you can color the hair extensions, this will shorten the usage of your hair extensions  and void the warranty. Any coloring of extensions will have a shorter life span due to the color process. Once hair is colored it voids the warranty.

Toners can also damage the cuticle which will affect the lifespan of your hair extensions.

Use caution when swimming - apply a hair mask before swimming to add an extra layer of protection. We recommend to avoid salt water - it can discolor hair and leave your hair dry. Note that chlorine water will also damage hair extensions and change the color. UV rays will dry and discolor hair extensions.


Excessive washing and styling will damage the cuticle and decrease the lifespan of your hair extensions. We recommend that you use Sulfate Free products and only wash the hair 2-3 times a week. A weekly hair mask (freeof Sulfates) treatment is required to maintain the soft feel of the hairextensions.

If you do not use Sulfate Free products, you will break down the bonds on the tape ins causing short term life span and cause corrosion if there isbeads in the hair. Our aftercare products that the Red Stella Stylists recommends for you, will give your hair extensions extra nourishmentkeeping the extensions revitalized.

Heat: Using excess heat on hair extensions will reduce their lifespan so you should allow hair to air dry when you can.  Use a thermaltherapy spray when styling with heat appliances.

Brushing: The extensions are attached to your natural hair and therefore pulling them can result in pulling out your natural hair. When brushing - hold the top of your hair and brush the hair. Be sure to use a Wet Brush or any type of recommended extension brush.

Sleeping: NEVER go to sleep with wet hair extensions and always make sure your extensions are completely dry to avoid tangling. When sleeping braid your hair extensions to avoid tangling.


We recommend that all hair extensions are applied by a professional hair extension specialist and that a consultation occurs before you agree to any hair extension application. Unfortunately there are hairstylists the are not properly trained and this will lead to improper application and possible damage to your own hair. Not everyone is suitable for hair extensions - please consult with your hairstylist.


“My hair extensions feel dry”
If you do not use a hair mask and/or hair serum (free of sulfates) and you use excessive heat your hair extensions will become dry. That is because hair extensions do not contain the natural oils that your own scalp produces to prevent your own hair from becoming dry. Using hair serum, brushing your hair 2-3 times a day, and a weekly mask are required. Coloring extensions, swimming, excessive exposure to sun, even water from your shower may have minerals and a “hard water” system that all can make the hair feel dry.

Note: Any hair that has been treated with color is at risk to over processing due to the fact the extensions have already been colored. We do not guarantee any hair extensions which have been colored.

“My hair extensions have changed color"

Please note: fantasy hair colors may fade and they are void for replacement or warranty. This may include but are not limited to: red colors, silvers, and all pastels.

“My hair extensions are matting and/or bunching up”
Matting is a result of damage to the cuticle on your hair extensions from improper care. For instance, if the hair has been damaged by heat or bleaching or any chemical hair process, the cuticles will become damaged and rub together causing matting. The use of incorrect styling tools, not brushing regularly and washing the hair extensions too frequently can lead to matting. The “bunching up” effect is from the cuticles being stripped. The hair can also look and feel dull and dry and it looks as if the hair has expanded when washing; this is due to damage to the cuticle. Improper aftercare and excessive heat are common factors in causing this. The hair will need a
deep conditioning treatment to help restore damaged hair.


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