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MEN'S CUTS - from $40

Men, enjoy a beer, scalp massage, and hot towel treatment along with your scissor over comb, very in-style, personalized cut. We love to pamper you and help keep you lookin’ your best!


Tension relieving upper body massage ~ Deep pore cleansing ~ Personalized masque ~ Calming and soothing for all skin types

Men's Waxing


from $20


from $70


from $60


from $20



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Women aren’t the only ones who can benefit from pampering and a newer sense of style. Red Stella Salon keeps today’s gentleman fresh and dapper whenever, wherever.

In years past, it was socially acceptable for a man to leave the house with the just-rolled-out-of-bed look. Today, however, a big chunk of society expects guys to carry themselves with a certain amount of style, as they move in both the worlds of pleasure and business. As such, male grooming is now a top priority in the salon industry.

That’s where men’s care comes in.


The Power of Polished Looks

Our team believes in the power of first impressions. We aim to enhance your personal style so you can impress others, whether for socialization or business purposes, from the get-go.

Never underestimate the impact of a clean and stylish cut, trimmed nails, and well-groomed eyebrows. While there are other things you can do instead of visiting a salon, think of it this way: maintaining a polished look pays off. Visiting the salon every now and then makes you look as if you just stepped out of a fashion magazine.

Your Fashion Fix with Red Stella Salon

A visit to our salon doesn’t necessarily mean a day with lipsticks, cosmetics, and all things girly. Our men’s care services focus on making you look and feel good. After all, it has become completely acceptable (and even encouraged) for men to swing by salons.

Experience high-quality and well-practiced salon styling in a relaxed setting, with us. We’ll hit two birds with one stone: improve your look and pamper you at the same time. Our services include haircuts, facials, and waxing (for stubborn hair).

Browse through our services and book an appointment today.

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