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Early Planning for Wedding Hair and Make-up in Austin Will Prevent Hair Fails on the Big Day

A survey conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of national hair product brand Joico revealed that 69% of women experienced a “hair fail” during an important moment in their lives. The women who responded to the survey said that they noticed the hair fail only after their photos had been posted online, usually on social networking sites such as Facebook. The survey also showed that on average, women start to plan for styling arrangements only eight days before a big event, while 37% of women do not make any plans at all.

Other sources of the report said that about 70% of women deem their

wedding as the biggest hair moment in their lives. Considering the results of the Joico survey, it can be safely deduced that women in Austin, Texas and anywhere else in the country generally plan for their hair only eight days before a wedding. Brides can rely on professionals in wedding hair and makeup in Austin to make them beautiful on their wedding day; however, it is highly advisable for them to make the proper arrangements more than eight days before the wedding.

Consulting reputable providers of hair and make-up services weeks in advance will allow both the bride-to-be and the stylists enough time to plan the bridal look. In addition, planning early will also give the bride a chance to mull over various styling packages offered. These packages can guarantee utmost convenience and some cost savings.

Experts in hair and wedding makeup in Austin typically offer discounted rates for group packages, which may include the bride, her entourage, and the bride’s mother. Some of these services can also be booked for on-location arrangements, instead of having the party’s hair and makeup done at a salon. A bridal package from renowned salons like Red Stella may also include a beauty treatment for the bride, which will help her look refreshed and radiant on her wedding.

The report on the Joico survey also included some useful tips on preparing for a wedding hairstyle. These preparations can include tests for any coloring and texture enhancement the bride may want on her hair. Working with hair and makeup professionals ahead of time will help ensure that all the possible styling concerns are addressed beforehand, and will minimize any chances of hair and makeup fail on the day of the wedding.

Wedding moments are almost certain to be captured in pictures, and every bride would naturally want to look perfect in each and every shot. Flawless hair and makeup are critical to achieve this. It is, therefore, important to make the right preparations with a reliable provider of wedding hair and makeup services weeks ahead of the big day.

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