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Waxing in Austin: Stripping Clean of Body Hair Is Not Just for Her

An article by Imogen Neale for reports that two University of Auckland psychology lecturers have conducted a nationwide online survey of 18 to 35-year-old men to find out what they do with their body hair. Do they wax their underarms or legs, and are they comfortable with excessive amounts of back hair? These are only some of the questions the researchers tried to find answers to from some Kiwi men.

Although hair removal is a widely-known practice mostly among women, waxing in Austin and in most major cities in the globe is also becoming popular among men who want to get rid of their unwanted hair. In fact, Dr. Virginia Braun, one of the researchers, said that the idea for the study came to her when she attended a conference in Germany, where she found out that around 70 per cent of young German males remove their underarm hair. Dr. Braun further revealed that a majority of German men also remove pubic hair and a great number even remove leg hair.

The German survey came off as a surprise to Dr. Braun and led her to question if Kiwis had the same attitudes and practices toward body hair. Some men in New Zealand, however, were reluctant to answer survey questions on the subject even if done anonymously. Others even mentioned that they found the questions “difficult”.

According to Dr. Braun’s partner, Dr. Gareth Terry, the responses showed that what people do with their body hair is private or a matter of personal choice. Dr. Braun said some men would find the change liberating, while others may be confounded by it. While waxing and hair removal has long been received as normal and common for women, “men’s bodies are at the cusp of change,” said Dr. Braun.

The article also included an interview with a local waxing therapist. She attested that women today no longer find hair removal an embarrassing topic compared to when she first started working in the industry nine years ago. The therapist added that men, on the other hand, tend to be a bit more shy especially when it comes to “intimate male waxing.”

Hair removal in Austin and in other cities worldwide are usually done in hair and waxing salons, such as Red Stella Salon. These places typically offer hair removal services that cater to both men and women. After all, removal of unwanted hair is not just a woman’s thing.

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