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Tips for Selecting the Right Foundation

It may seem crazy to those who spend lots of time on personal beauty and cosmetics, but many people have a lot of trouble selecting the right makeup. What seems like second nature to some is much more difficult for others who don’t regularly focus on these kinds of things.

In particular, choosing the right foundation for your skin is a first step to makeup success that many people aren’t proficient in. There are thousands of types of foundations on the market, and knowing how to pick exactly which one is best for you can be really tough.

At Red Stella Salon, our team is well-trained to help provide you with the right skin care advice – but what about when you’re not here? Let’s look at a few basic tips for picking the right foundation for you.

Skin Type

Your skin will primarily determine which sort of foundation you’ll be looking for in a broad sense. If your skin is prone to acne or other breakouts, you’ll want to stay away from thick, pancake foundations which can clog up your pores. If your skin is often dry, there are oilier foundations with moisturizing properties.

There’s no skin type that isn’t covered by some kind of foundation out there, so don’t settle for anything that doesn’t perfectly complement your skin tone.

Avoid Irritants

For many people, areas you want to avoid are just as important as areas you’re looking to maximize when it comes to foundation. Skin can be a fickle beast, and many people experience irritation based on certain ingredients within a given foundation.

Much of this process is trial and error, unfortunately – you may have to try a product before you realize it creates a problem. Many makeup companies carry specific hypoallergenic foundations designed for people with sensitive skin, as well.

Other Specifics

A few other specific areas of concern should be kept in mind:

  • Mature skin: For older people or people whose skin ages quickly, lighter foundations are preferable – and there are products with specific anti-aging compounds infused into them.

  • Sun protection: More and more foundations come with some degree of SPF, usually at least SPF 15. These are especially common for people with sensitive skin.

  • Moisturizing: For people with extremely dry skin, there are liquid foundations available. Some mineral-based foundations can also have a good moisturizing effect.


For some, the easiest way to learn any makeup technique – be it selection or application – is in person. Watching a pro do it the right way is a great template. At Red Stella Salon, we offer personalized makeup lessons which can teach you everything from how to select foundation to much more complex techniques.

For this and all other hair salon questions or needs, don’t hesitate to call Red Stella Salon today.

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