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Donating to Charity: How a Haircut in Austin Can Be Made More Special

There’s nothing new or monumental about a kid getting a haircut in Austin or in any other city, but 16-year-old Josh Mitchener is the exception. An article by Jon Mark Beilue for Amarillo Globe-News reports that one Saturday morning in Amarillo, Mitchener decided to have his hair cut for the first time since he was 12 years old, and for a good cause. Mitchener donated more than 10 inches of his long hair to Locks of Love, a nonprofit organization that makes wigs out of human hair for children who have lost theirs through cancer.

Mitchener grew his hair long out of a sense of rebellion when his parents initially brushed aside his request for a haircut four years ago. When he heard about Locks of Love two years ago, he decided he wanted to donate his hair. Since the donated mane needs to be at least 10 inches long, Mitchener decided to continue growing his hair until he could qualify.

Not everyone can have the patience and sense of purpose the young lad had to grow hair long. The article reports that Mitchener also had the discipline to keep his hair clean and well-kept despite having long, curly locks. Most people with this kind of hair need stylists from professional establishments like Red Stella Salon to make it healthy and manageable or it would look unkempt.

Locks of Love is also close to Rita Kent-Rae’s heart, the stylist who took charge of cutting Mitchener’s hair. Since 2001, she has been cutting hair for people who donate to the organization. She has also volunteered to do so many haircuts for the group that she could no longer keep track of the total number.

It took around an hour to cut all that hair from Mitchener, but it was enough to create at least one wig for a kid with cancer. “You’re going to make some little boy or girl happy and some parents even happier,” Kent-Rae said. Mitchener agreed, saying that the cut “turned out better than [he] expected” and that he “couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Aside from making for natural wigs, human hair is also ideal for custom hair pieces. Hair extensions in Austin, TX salons and all over the world are quite the rage these days. Just like getting a haircut for a cause, these hair pieces are meant to make you not only look but also feel good.

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